Cant get windows/HD disk to load on new build

By Aetherynn
Oct 28, 2007
  1. ok thanks to all for the help with the shutdown problem, On to the next, ive got my bios settings to read from the CDrom drive to boot 1st but no matter which disk i put in (windows full Xp) or the HD configure disk it just doesnt to a thing sits on the black screen its been awhile since my last new build(4 years) i cant see things changing to much to the point of having so many problems so any help in this area woiuld be greatly appreciated
  2. Mr Freeze

    Mr Freeze TS Rookie

    I think you might need the SATA driver to load before you can install the OS to your HD
  3. Aetherynn

    Aetherynn TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    ok i cant even get the HD disk to load either, the bios recognizes everything but after i exit it just loads to a black screen, this is a brand new build it wont even load the utility to format the HD so i am at a loss
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