can't install any os on computer

By Alvin Nixx
Nov 13, 2003
  1. i am working on hp pavlion 533. i have 8 disk from hp to re format the computer with. if i am luck nough to gt through all 8 disk with out an error. then i eget one when the systm restarts to start installing xp home, after it took 40 min. to copy the files from the 8 disk, and the computer tells me ntldr is missing. i try to copy the ntldr file fom afloppy with a opy and it tells me access denied to over write copy on computer. i also tried o copy the file fom xp hom cd nd get sae thing. i am right now runing a benchmark to test the memory. i hve lso tried t install xp with microsoft xp home disk, and it has error coping most the files. HELP!
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    "can't install any os on computer"

    XP and XP Home are pretty much the identical OS, so that doesn't hardly qualify as any OS.

    These 8 disks you speak of, are they floppy disks? What do you mean by "if i am luck nough to gt through all 8 disk with out an error"?

    If you really can't get through those disks without an error, and if you really did try other OSes then there can be some other problems involved. Bad RAM could be a very likely cause.
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    i ran a test on the memory and the computer failed. I am not sure if that means the RAM alone is bad or the CPU or weither the botherboard fried them both. The 8 disk are CDs and i did try to install windows me as well. Sorry about the miss spelling last night, but I had to use the onscreen key board because the good key board was hooled up to the other computer. As far as the 2 XP windows goes, one was the microsoft XP home cd itself and the other was a HP set of 8 CDs to reinstall all of the HP parts of the computer and XP home. The computer is not even a year old and HP shows that the mother board is a Asus P4G533. Almost everthing on it is onboard. What kind of test can I run to find out all the bad harware that needs to be replaced in the computer?
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