Cant join WS to a domain over Sonicwall SOHO-3 VPN

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Main Office:
40 PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2.
Server is MS SBS 2003
VPN appliance = Sonicwall SOHO-3

Remote office:
10 PCs running Windows XP Pro SP2
VPN appliance = Sonicwall SOHO-3

This network is currently changing from P2P to a domain environment. VPN is running well and can see P2P resources on both sides of tunnel. Server has been installed and PCs within the Main office join up fine.

My only problem is that I cannot get remote PCs to join the domain through the tunnel. I suspect (hope) that this may simply be a DNS issue. I'm thinking of distributing a HOSTS file to these 10 PCs. Would this be a good way to proceed? If so, I dont have much experience creating records in the HOSTS file, so anyone who can give me some direction on how to create the record correctly would be appreciated.



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Does the error message say that the domain controller cannot be located?
If yes, then you have a name resolution issue.
Is the DNS server on the client computers set to point to your DC?
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