Can't log on to sites or stay in!!?!?!?!

By Cheesetophe
Jan 24, 2007
  1. Hey there everybody!

    My name is Chris Dechene, I'm in Kitchener, Ontario. I'm a college student and I'm having a huge problem.

    For the past few weeks I've been having issues logging on to sites and/or staying logged on.

    Examples: There is on online school project that requires us to play a business strategy game for a large chunk of our grade. I should be able to log on to my account for it at home, but everytime i log in, it sends me back to the log in page, but from what the rest of the page shows, nothing changed. It's as if it refresh itself halfway through the process

    Also, I can log on to myspace, youtube and other similar sites, but everytime I try and change something, i get kicked out and have to sign back in to find it do the same thing

    I've already cleared my cache, temporary internet files, run a disk cleanup, lowered my security and privacy settings to medium, but no luck. I ran PC Pit Optimize and PC Doctor 5, but they show nothing wrong, or change little to nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled my firewall (Zone Alarm Pro), but no change.

    Please tell me what is wrong, I really really really need to fix this before I get too far into the semester
  2. twite

    twite TechSpot Paladin Posts: 937

    It almost sounds like file phishing...Well the myspace part at least. Try logging in on another computer, a library computer, and see if you have the same problem. If you do, then you need to contact the professor, the school, or someone that would know about this program. If it Doesn't work, then it seems like you have some sort of spy ware/virus problem.
  3. Cheesetophe

    Cheesetophe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It works on other computers...I'm able to access the my accounts for the project/game, youtube, and myspace. I am using Avast 4.7 Pro as my virus scan, ad-aware for spyware, and update them regularly. So if it is either spyware or a virus, should i get a second of either? Should I reformat my computer? I can back up all my files, i've got a 500GB external. I just want to make sure first. My roommate said it's an option, but make sure it's my only option.
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