Can't play Battle of Middle Earth

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Jan 30, 2005
  1. My kids got Battle of Middle Earth for their computer, but, I couldn't load it because we only had W98SE. I bought the W2K upgrade, loaded it in and reloaded all the w2k drivers for everything on the computer. The game loaded fine, but, when my son went to play, there was absolutely no response. Seems there's digital signature problems with the graphics and sound. Other than playing the game, everything is working fine with the W2k.
    I have a Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra MB, AMD XP2400 processorr, 180GB Hard drive, 512MB RAM, nVidia GeForce FX5700LE video card and on board sound.
    As I'm rather new at these kind of problems, I downloaded a new driver (#61.77) from nVidia - NG. Then I downloaded #66.93 for nVidia video cards right from the Microsoft web site - NG. I figure I'll get a sound card and disable the on-board sound, if I can get the graphics to work. This is the first that I've run into these kind of problems. Any ideas ? Also, what would be a decent sound card that would work with this MB.
    My kids are chomping at the bit to play the game !!
  2. vegasgmc

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    Did you install the motherboard drivers? You can get them at Just download the Hyperion package. Sometimes in 2000 you have to go into device manager and manually update the drivers for audio. Just about any sund card will be better than onboard sound. This one is pretty good for a kids computer
  3. VBerg

    VBerg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks - I'll give it a try and let you know how it works out.
  4. VBerg

    VBerg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    STILL no luck with LOR - Battle for Middle Earth

    I tried downloading the VIA Hyperion package 4 in 1 drivers and installing them like VEGASGMC suggested and still the game won't play. I've uninstalled the game and re-installed it ( it installed with no problems ), but, still nothing happens when you hit the play button. Everyother game my son loaded on plays great - just not this one. I've checked the technical troubleshooting program that comes with the game and it says there's an "unknown compatability" with the graphics card ( XFX - nVidia GeForce FX5700LE ). I've e-mailed EA games about the problem and asked if they know any troubs with the game and my card, but, still no response. Has anybody else had similar problems with the game or the video card? My kids are driving me crazy because they want to play the game. I'm considering deep sixing my card and getting a different one. I could use any help anyone throws at me. Thanks in advance.

    Vin :dead:
  5. tbrunt3

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    there is a patch out now for that game... Also try a program called NAstyfile remover remove all traces fo your videocard driver and reinstall them in safe mode.. Update your motherboard chipset drivers from the makers web site or VIA ..
  6. computermaster

    computermaster TS Rookie

    battle for middle earth problems

    Battle for middle earth requiers that 2000 be updated to service pack for and then from there you need a few more updates to windows to get it to load. Use the automatic update?

    I have a problem in game. Suddenly when i am playing my game locks up and just keeps repeating a sound. It gets really annoying not being able to finish a level. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. crazy_comp_dude

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    Yeah realoding your graphics drivers and updating sounds like agood idea, I also have a little problem... my charactures move very slow, is there aplace in the option menu im not looking at to switch the game speed or something? I thought it was my card but I used it on a diffrent card in the same computer and it still runs the same :suspiciou . I have Celeron 2.4GHz 512RAM 80GB hardrive WINXP SP2 and a Geforce FX5500 128MB or a Radeon 9200se 128MB. :D
  8. computermaster

    computermaster TS Rookie

    fixed the battle for middle earth crashing problem!!!!

    I recently fixed the crashing problem i had with battle for middle earth. What you have to do is update the AC97 drivers. This was the problem for my comp. You can google it and find there website with the 20mb or so update. Its so much fun to be able to play without the crashing
    Here are my computer specs

    -NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
    -Athlon XP3200+Barton
    -80 GB Hard drive
    -1Gb Ram
    -Sony DVD duel layer DVD Drive
    -soundblaster live 5.1
    - and some other stuff
    -running W2K pro fully updated

    make sure to update all drivers for everything

  9. ryanjames

    ryanjames TS Rookie

    Having problems also

    I got Battle For Middle Earth 2 Collectors Edition.
    The game loads up but when I try to play a game the loading bar goes to 97% and then it displys the message "A problem has eccoured..." and it asks me if I want to send a error report and all of that.

    My Computer is
    Dell Dimension 3000

    Type: Dell E173FP
    Color: True Color (32 Bit)
    Resolution: 1024 x 768
    Screen Saver: Active

    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Model: Intel(R) 537EP V9x DF PCI Modem
    Driver: Unknown

    USB Controller
    Manufacturer: Intel
    Model: Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D2
    Driver: usbuhci.sys
    04 August 2004

    USB Controller
    Manufacturer: Intel
    Model: Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D4
    Driver: usbuhci.sys
    04 August 2004

    USB Controller
    Manufacturer: Intel
    Model: Intel(R) 82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24DE
    Driver: usbuhci.sys
    04 August 2004

    USB Controller
    Manufacturer: Intel
    Model: Intel(R) 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 24DD
    Driver: usbehci.sys
    04 August 2004

    CD-ROM Drive (D:)
    Manufacturer: (Standard CD-ROM drives)
    Model: PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8631
    Driver: cdrom.sys
    04 August 2004

    Video Card
    Model: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
    Driver: ialmnt5.sys
    20 September 2005

    Sound Card
    Manufacturer: Microsoft
    Model: Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device
    Driver: modemcsa.sys
    17 December 2004

    Sound Card
    Manufacturer: Analog Devices, Inc.
    Model: SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
    Driver: smwdm.sys
    06 April 2006

    Network Card
    Model: Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection - Packet Scheduler Miniport
    Driver: e100b325.sys
    10 February 2004

    Network Card
    Model: WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
    Driver: ndiswan.sys
    04 August 2004

    Floppy Drive (A:)

    Floppy Drive (E:)

    Memory (RAM)
    Capacity: 640 MB
  10. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    DO not believe you onboard graphics card supports the game ! You can try to sit all settings to lowest..
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