Can't reach a known good web site when using router.

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I am using a NetGear RP614 v1 router to share a cable network connection to the Internet. We need to connect to the web site of out local school system, (ip = We cannot see any pages from this domain if the router is connected, however everything is OK if we connect any of our computers to the cable modem. The router is not set up to block any sites. I have reduced the maximum packet size from 1500 to 1400 to 1300 bytes, but no change in connectivity has happened. Any ideas wher to look?
The DNS servers listed by the router are correct, and I still cannot connect if I enter the IP address rather than the URL.

There are computers on the lan running Win 95, Win98, WinXP and all see the same thing. We are using a Motorola SurfBoard SB5100.
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I can't reach the site either way, with IP address or URL with the router in place. The address I am trying to reach is not the address assigned by my ISP or any other address used internally in my network.
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Thanks for the many replies.

Ping doesn't find the school web site through the router; with the computer connected directly to the cable modem, ping displays the IP address of the site but has 100% loss. I think I got replies the other day. The strange thing is that this is the only site we have had trouble with. I have both Internet Explorer and Netscape 7.02. No problems with newsgroups or Outlook Express e-mail. We can connect to any other sites we need to with the router in place. I think the router may be flakey. I haven't changed any settings for a long time.


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Where are you connecting from? Are you trying to connect from the school itself maybe?


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From the website;


Even though our main URL remains the same (, the URL for the school sites have changed. Please update any bookmarks or favorites in your browser that point to a school site.
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