Can't Recover Images From CD

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Mar 2, 2007
  1. I recently upgraded the OS on my laptop to Win2K Pro. It was a new install. I saved all my pertinent data to disk (CD-R).

    I've successfully uploaded all files back to the HD with exception of one folder that has some of my images in it. When I used "drop & drag" on that folder as I did on all the others it seemed to work fine until I went to open them in my Canon software program and they weren't there.

    Then, I went back to the same folder on disk and they won't open in any of the image programs in my OS. Instead I get a "this format is not supported" error message. I then went into properties and saw that all are "read only". Thinking that was my problem I tried to uncheck "read only" but then when I hit "apply" I get "access denied".

    The problem is apparently isolated to this one disk because I successfully uploaded other images on another disk saved the same way.

    In doing a search on the net for CD data recovery I see all sorts of warnings that storing images on CD's is not dependable but I'm not seeing why or any after the fact solutions.

    Is there a recovery process possible for this problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Po`Girl

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    It sounds like it got corrupted.

    Try it in another computer/DVD drive if you can.Just to be sure.

    There`s a free program HEREthat will recover anything that`s recoverable.
  3. Nodsu

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    First, you need a "good" optical drive. Some are much better than others at handling dodgy media.

    Second, you need lots of time. The recovery process will take a loong time.

    Third: I have always used IsoBuster for CD recovery and it has never failed me. (Well, except for that one case where there was literally a hole in the CD coating..)
  4. Boneez

    Boneez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So far no good. Things I've tried;

    Different computer / CD drive - Same results. Getting "Access Denied" error message when tried to open images.

    Downloaded and ran CDCheck as suggested - Found 115 errors, fixed all 115, still couldn't open images.

    Tried two separate CD burners (CDBurnerXP Pro 3 & Sonic RecordNow!) to save and copy files to new disc. Both failed to save. Sonic's error message claimed possible reason due to dirty (fingerprints, etc.) surface. Cleaned disc surface with non-abrasive rag and mild non-abrasive soap solution as recommended but made no difference when re-tried copying.

    I've stopped short, just for now anyway, of purchasing ISOBuster for fear that I'll spend the $$ and still no results. (yes I'm tight). It shouldn't take very long however for the "sensible" part of my little brain to overrun the "frugle" part though. :knock:

    Thanks for the help so far. I appreciate it.

  5. Nodsu

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    You don't need to buy IsoBuster. The free version has all the functionality you need.
  6. ravisunny2

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  7. Boneez

    Boneez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry. Same results with ISOBuster.

    Maybe I'm not doing something right with ISOBuster or explaining the problem correctly.

    I'm not missing any folders or files. They're all right there on the disc. I just can't open them. I used the "extract" feature with ISOBuster and transferred my image files to the HD. But then I can't open them.

    No matter which program I opt to chose; MS Picture Manager, Image Preview, Photoshop, MS Paint, Irfanview, Windows Picture & Fax Viewer, I get either a "access denied" message or a "format not supported" message.

    The image files on the disc all have two things in common if it makes a difference. They are all .jpg file extensions and in "Properties" they are all checked "read only". I cannot change that, even after they are extracted to the HD. When I try to uncheck "read only" I get "access denied".

    I have many work photos on this disc that I could do without, however, I have many family pics on here, some that are no longer with us, that will make me ill if I can't recover (open) them.

    Is it possible that the disc was not formatted correctly at its inception? If so, can it be reformated?

    Push come to shove are there people that specialize in this that I could take this to?

    I did research the "Help" option with ISOBuster for possible reformatting or for a tutorial regarding opening a extracted image and found no solutions.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the effort to help me on this.
  8. Nodsu

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    You can fix the "access denied" problem by taking ownership of the files (as an administrator) once they are on your hard drive.

    As for "format not supported", the pictures are either damaged or have the wrong extensions. Graphics Workshop Professional is a program that "guesses" picture formats no matter what the filename is. Again, you can make do with the trial version - no need to buy it.
  9. bartle

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