Can't remove MS Office

By mryan1974
Sep 17, 2008
  1. Can someone assist me in removing all files associated w/ MS Office? Every time I try to uninstall it I get a "Setup Error - The language is not supported by your system" and it stops the uninstallation process. I have a Toshiba Satellite and using Windows Vista. - Thanks.
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    you'll need to supply better info if you want a better answer.

    what version of vista, and if i go to toshiba support there are a-gizillion different model choices for Toshiba Satellite (and, yea, a-gazillion!! i counted them all! :D

    and anything else like what u tried doing that made the msgs pop-up. eetcv

    wouild be helfpful
  3. mryan1974

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    I have Windows Vista Home (Basic) version that came w/ MS Office pre-installed. I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5872. I have tried various "uninstall" software (PC Tools, Glary Utilities- Uninstall Manager, etc.) but they all give me the same pop-up box telling me that I don't have the proper language. A window pops up saying that it is initializing, then installing, then "Setup Error -- The language of this program is not supported by your system."
    Believe I may have to try the alternate uninstall method recommended by Microsoft on their support page but thought someone may have a better option (their description is confusing and a very tedious process). Thanks.
  4. LookinAround

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    it appears many people have had the same problem as you;re reporting. If misery really loves company, you have alot of company! from what i;ve seen

    you didn't get an install CD with MSOffice did you?

    from what i understand others have taken that "long" uninstall process you referenced successfully... there might be an easier method.. but would take time before (possibly) i could find one.. and there's not really a good way for me to test it myself before hand..... so u might be best with that loooonger approach
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