Can't see emails messages, system restore not working

By botgames
Nov 23, 2007
  1. There's a lot of crazy things happening to my xp pc.

    In outlook express I can't see my email messages. I can download emails, I can see all my folders, the menu button and all. But the window where the messages are shown is blank. It did give me two error messages. Actually, I just tried to open it and it beeps and doesn't do anything. So I can't tell you the errors.

    System restore window comes up but it's all white. Can't click anything, Doesn't show anything,

    I can't search or use help n support. Nothing happens when I click each one.

    IE has disappeared. The window comes up but it's all white. It has back n forward buttons, address bar & search bar

    I try to go to dell solution center and it beeps and shows this error --windows cannot find c:\dell\delbutn.htm and a message about typing in the name correctly and try again--

    I got the new version of yahoo messenger 8.1. But now I can't see what I'm typing. Can't see what other person is typing either. It's just a blank window
    I'm not sure when I installed it. Could this be the cause of these problems?

    I think the only solution I have is to reinstall everything. And hope everything goes back the way it should. Or would this just be a bandaid and might not fix these type of problems.

    Any ideas? Please help
  2. Cerberus

    Cerberus TS Rookie Posts: 56


    Have you run a virus, spyware and malware scan yet? It sounds to me like your pc is infected with a virus, i recently repaired a pc with the same sort of symptoms and the cause was a virus.... Make sure your virus database is fully updated before trying.

    The reinstall, will rectify your current problems aslong as your system is free from viruses and that your HDD isn't corrupted.

    I highly doubt it is a conflict with yahoo messenger...
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