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Can't see files from network. Even though they are there.

By Vigilante
May 1, 2006
  1. Usually I'm pretty good with networking, I haven't spent tons of time on this but I wanted some advice.

    Basically, at work in the local network, my own workstation has an odd problem of not showing files in a nested shared folder.
    It is XP Pro, and from any other PC, I log in with my username and pass that the station uses.

    So let me give some examples. Say that c:\backup is a shared folder. Assume maybe it's empty right now.
    I'm on some other box, and log in to it. I create a new folder, called "JamesBackup" for example. The folder is created and I see it, so I go into backup\JamesBackup. Now I copy over the network, a folder called MyDocs which has a bunch of files in it. I can see the MyDocs folder, but when I go into it, it is empty.
    So backup\JamesBackup\MyDocs I can see, but the files won't be there.

    Now then, naturally I've been in every nook and crany of the security settings for the shared folder Backup, to no avail. I've deleted all the permissions and added just the everyone group with full access. I've propogated the settings backwards and forwards. On rare occasions I can actually get a folder here or there to show the files. But the problem is then that some other sub-folder will have missing files again. In other words, if MyDocs has 8 subfolders, some may show files, others don't. So if I copy 500 files and 10 subfolders TO the network share. And then try to copy BACK over the network, I'll either get an empty MyDocs folder, or else I'll get some random folders and files back, like 230 files and 3 folders, because the others are hidden over the network somehow.

    Here's the trick, let's say now I go and share MyDocs inside the already-shared Backup folder, once MyDocs is shared, I'll be able to see the files again. Although deeper sub-folders may still be hidden.

    The bottom line is, we have XP Pro and 2000 PCs all over the network with all kinds of shares, this problem isn't anywhere else. You can copy to the share, and then see the files. But on my workstation, I have this stupid problem of not showing files.
    And if you are viewing an "empty" folder in the share, over the network, if you know the name of a particular file, you can still type it in to the address bar and it will run it.

    This problem is for any share on my PC in any folder. I have the usual shared music folder, shared documents, shared backup folder, and shared downloads folder. But all of then, which are in different places of my HDD with there own default permissions, suffer from the missing files syndrome.

    Anybody have any idea why I get empty folders? Why propogating full control permissions does nothing? Why I can't get files to show up over the network no matter what I set the parent(s) folders perms to?
    It's really annoying.

  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    try creating a share with the mmc snap in
    maybe somehow the folder is defaulting with the $ sign I think this will make it hidden.
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