Cant see 'Remote desktop' Section on REMOTE Tab

By talenjay
Mar 3, 2007
  1. Hello folks.

    Trying to set up remote desktop connections between XP home notebook and XP Pro desktop over wireless connection. I am able to ping from both sides with IP from router. When i went to enable the remote connections, I noticed that I do not have the Remote Desktop section in the lower half of the tab. I have only Remote assistance at the top on both machines. Can anyone tell me why?

    I am able to start the remote desktop connection prompt, but not able to make any connection. I have disabled the firewall on both machines.

    Error if i try to browse for more: the WORKGROUP domain/workgroup does not contain any terminal servers.

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. tipstir

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    On the desktop
    right click on My Computer
    click on poperties
    Click on Remote
    Uncheck Remote Assitance
    Check Remote Desktop
    Click Select Remote Users

    Select Remote Users
    Here's where it gets tricky..

    Each PC on your workgroup should have the same workgroup name.

    Lesson #1 SmithNet
    On SmithNet network you have PC #1 XP Pro

    Lesson #2 SmithNet
    On SmithNet network you have PC #2 XP Home

    Since XP Home doesn't really do networking correctly you need to setup or get your hands on X-SEtup

    This has a section that would allow you to give the XP Home Version network access:

    Windows XP Home with XP Home:

    Username: Mypass
    Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Workgroup: SmithNet

    Windows XP Pro

    Username: Mypass
    Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Workgroup: SmithNet

    Both PCs should have some sort of default user and password where you could login as user you have setup for admin.

    To make things work better I would recommend removing the home XP and put the XP Pro on it. Just makes a better network and Remote works smoothly.
  3. talenjay

    talenjay TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the good info.
    I discovered TODAY that my Desktop now has the Remote Desktop Section at the bottom of the REMOTE tab. I must have started it somehow but could not see the section when i posted this issue.
    And so was able to make a connection to it from the Laptop. That's great! Thanks for the info !
  4. ibmops

    ibmops TS Rookie

    Cant start remote desktop conection after sp3 install

    After installin SP3, the remote desktop connection does not work, from shortcut or program.

    I get the following response:

    The system could not find the specified file:

    Can someone please help. Thanks in advance.
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