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Feb 20, 2006
  1. I have a clone display. I can see all my videos and all video formats on my pc, just not on my TV. I have noticed that the tv displays avi files only in 16 bit not 24 bit :( . If the video is 24 bit, I see a black screen where the video footage would have originally have been. I cant see mpeg files at all and heres the key point
    I can see all my videos on the tv no matter what sample rate, format, tv standard, encoding if and only I open another media player before opening the video with my prefered media player( in this case i open windows media player, then i open my video with realplayer so it can be seen on tv)
    I know its just a mere annoyance but when my videos would work normally, it would only take part of the screen in my pc, and fullscreen on the tv. now it has to be fullscreen on my pc, and fullscreen on my tv and I cant use the computer
  2. pracheck

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    what's your video card and its specs?
  3. Nodsu

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    Disable video overlays in RealPlayer. Close Real and start it again.
  4. blue_dragon

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    i disabled the video overlays and still the same. it wont play mpeg or files with 24 bit video but i did an experiment. this time i set up my tv as the primary display and the 24 bit video worked!! but it didnt work on my since the 24 bit worked on the tv, the monitor then that rules them out along with the svideo. i think i have a faulty video card cause its unable to display 24 bit video on 2 seperate displays
  5. Nodsu

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    Maybe it doesn't have enough video memory? What resolutions are you using? Is it an integraded video?
  6. blue_dragon

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    its fixed..somehow enabling fullscreen on second display allowed the second display to play all videos its all solved and thanks for the help anyways :D
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