Cant seem to play any videos

By grace
Feb 8, 2005
  1. right here goes, ive got media player 10, divx 5.2.1, and power dvd 6 with all the relevant codecs( i know this because they work on my friends pc's) but whenever i try to watch a video file with any of these it crashes almost immediately or if any attempt to skip through is made, and then when i try to end the program 9 times out of ten my pc crashes, it only started happening recently and is really starting to bug me as i have rebooted my pc numerous times to try and fix the prob and so far have had no luck, one thought i had was that it is a dell pc with onboard graphics and i have installed a new graphics card and not reinstalled the onboard graphics would this be the problem as everything else on my pc works perfectly and apart from this prob it is running fine, i have checked for spyware, adware and viruses also, any thoughts would be appreciated
  2. vach1974

    vach1974 TS Rookie

    Did you install the drivers that came with your new video card? Windows xp has great plug n play but sometimes you have to use the drivers that came with your new card..
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