Can't Select Task Manager when I hit Control Alt Delete

By jasonwhite58
Oct 4, 2005
  1. First of All I would like to say this is a kick *** site and I give you guys props.

    All right now to the problem. When I but in normal mode the hour glass continues to run I am unable to click any icon including the start button. When I press control alte delte, the task manager is not highlighted and can't be selected. I am pretty sure I have a virus. I have checked similar threads and have tried what has been suggested. I rebooted in safe mode, turned off system restore and ran Adware, Spybot search and destroy, spyware blaster, cws shredder, bitdefender, RavAntivirus, Trojan online scan, Trend Micro's online scan, a-squared free editon. I haven't ran HJT but will and post here. One question, I am downloading some files from some bit torrent sites and is it possible for the virus's or spyware to be deleted by the programs above and then recreated by a malcious file in one of these torrent files? Can I check these torrent files individually for virus's or malcious files?
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