Can't uninstall Zone Alarm

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Oct 20, 2005
  1. I have been posting re my ongoing efforts to remove hacktool and trojans from my system. A secondary issue is my Zone Alarm problem. I updated my free ZA version and after installation attempted to get on the net. I was directed to a ZA page that advised me that there had been a problem with the installation (possibly due to a virus, which i know i already have) and that it had placed my system on internet lockdown. The instruction to fix were as follows:1) reboot 3 times to see if this solves the problem--it did not.2) Change the name of the "Internet Logs" folder --unable to do so as i received a "access violation" error (even in safe mode). 3) Search for and delete all files named VSDATANT or VSDATA95 -- i was able to find VSDATANT.sys but was not able to delete it (same access violation error).

    I tried to uninstall several times, apparently successfully but everytime i get back on the web my system goes into shutdown.

    How can i get rid of this program??? Please help. At least if i could get net access i could download some of these other programs suggested to me.
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    Are you the system administrator? (are you on the first account made) Even if your account has administrator status, deletion/editing files might not work unless you use the first, system administrator account. I'm guessing you have a limited account... But I'm new to system security so if this isn't so then just know I'm trying to help :)
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    Download PocketKillbox here: Extract it from the zip file, remember where it goes.
    Double-click on Killbox.exe to run it. In the "Paste Full Path of File to Delete" box, fill in the full path/filename you want to delete.
    Click on the Action menu and choose "Delete on Reboot". In the Action menu select "Process and Reboot". When prompted to reboot, do so.
  4. t13nif

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    I don't know what is going on, but KillBox did NOT remove Zone Alarm from my system. Incidentally, my PC is completely clean now of viruses, trojans and hacktools but i am still unable to access the internet because ZA keeps putting my computer on 'internet lockdown'--i have uninstalled ZA, reinstalled ZA, deleted files, even deleted the registry keys and to no avail. Is there anything i can do to completely wipe this wretched program from my PC? I am literally going insane.... please help. And yes, i am logged in as administrator.
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  6. t13nif

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    I have deleted vsmon.exe repeatedly but it still seems to re-appear. However i don't see it running now nor can i find it on my system. The biggest problems i have with the various Zone Alarm removal instructions (from the ZA site) is that i am unable to delete C:\WINNT\Internet Logs (when i apparently should be able to do so) and i am unable to delete vsdatant.sys (same error message--sharing violation, file in use).

    I have also tried to uninstall Symnatec with no success :(.
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