Can't update drivers for video card

By munch2477
Nov 12, 2007
  1. I have a dell inspiron 6000 with a mobility radeon x300 graphics card (old I know) and my last update for the card was back in 2005. I have been to the ati site and downloaded the drivers for the card multiple times and every time i try to install it, it says "unfortunately you cannot install these drivers at this time. please contact your computer manufacturer for help" or some bull like that. Anyone have any ideas on what to do about this? thanks
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  3. munch2477

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    I always see people saying that you should update your video card drivers and I thought if the video card had updates on its website then i should install them. i guess i was wrong. thanks
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    There's a reason why people always say "update video card drivers". This reason is usually a BSOD crash or a lockup or other instability.

    You have a laptop and they are much different than desktop PC's. Laptops are designed to use "special" drivers. You have just found this out.

    Good luck
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