Can't use VNC over LAN

By X DarthMonkey X
Mar 23, 2007
  1. Okay, well color me stupid:

    I can't figure this out at ALL. I have never worked with VNC, and now that I'm starting, I'm confused. Just plain confused.

    Basically, all I want is to view my desktop from my PSP, even in the slightest. But forget about the PSP, it's not really part of the equation here; I already have the PSP VNC Viewer installed on the PSP, it works fine.

    The VNC Server SEEMS to work fine, since I was able to use the viewer locally. Yes, i connected to "localhost:5900". Yes, it did wig out, but at least I confirmed that the server itself was at least running to some proper extent.

    So next I went and installed a VNC Viewer on another PC in my LAN. Well, it didn't work. I can't tell you the specific error I got because I was too stupid to write it down and now I can't get to the PC. If you need the error number, I can give it to you tomorrow.

    I have a hunch that it's my router's fault, or my fault for setting up my router wrong. So here's the setup:

    -=Desktop1(Server): WinXP Pro, SP2, McAfee AV, Win Firewall disabled.
    -=Desktop2(Viewer): WinXP Home, SP2, Mcafee AV, Win Firewall disabled
    -=PSP(Viewer): PSP... yeah...
    -=Router: D-Link DI-524

    If you need any more information, just let me know.
  2. X DarthMonkey X

    X DarthMonkey X TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 76

    Nevermind, I got it working. I had to fix a few settings in the router control panel. (Actually, I decided to go with random luck and change a few settings i wasn't sure about)

    Anyway, the PSP VNC Viewer works like a charm! Even with my dual-monitor desktop config, it's working perfectly.

    This is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever done with my PC.
  3. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Instead of using VNC, why not use RDP. If your psp is capable. Might even be a little faster for you.

    BTW RDP port is 3389
  4. X DarthMonkey X

    X DarthMonkey X TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 76

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Unfortunately, I was never able to find an RDP client for my PSP, so I went for VNC. And now that it's working, I'm a happy camper! If only I could tweak the click settings though =\. Oh well, it works, so I'm not complaining.
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