Car computer - monitor display problem

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Feb 12, 2006
  1. Dear readers,

    I am currently working on a car computer. For this purpose i want to use a compaq armada e500 laptop + VDO daytom mm5000 monitor.
    I Successfuly managed to power it up and. As it has rgb video input (3 pins NOT 4 as normally in rgb) i connected it thru a sync combiner which schema i attach here


    The problem is that the output looks like that



    the resolution i use is 640x400 refresh rateis 60.

    Please note that if u try smaller or bigger resolutions (like for example 640x480 or 512x400) everything on the monitor is completely unrecognizable.
    Any ideas what am i doing wrong?
  2. piolinso

    piolinso TS Rookie

    Hi Detergent,

    I am also interested in being able to connect the same VDO dayton mm5000 monitor to my laptop (with analogue vga output) and also to an analogical source of video to its cvbs connector... :p

    The main problem that I have is that I not been able to find the pinout of the connector that have the lcd monitor :blush: ... I would be very thanked if you could put this information it in this same thread or send it to me by email :)

    It is possible that the problem that you mention could be caused by the maximum resolution that supports the screen, that according to the manufacturer is of 400 x 234 pixels... although perhaps using another one sync combiner could work...

    Thanks in advance and a Greeting ;)
  3. Fabio328ci

    Fabio328ci TS Rookie

    Hi detergent
    do you have the rear connector scheme of monitor MM5000??

    i'm looking for this scheme to connect the PC5000 to other monitor .

  4. piolinso

    piolinso TS Rookie

    Hello Fabio328ci, After looking for several weeks and almost to resign to me, I sent several mails to the employees of vdodayton of many countries, and in several of these countries (thanks a lot to them :) ) they provided to me what it was looking for, is to say this:


    A greeting from Spain ;)
  5. Fabio328ci

    Fabio328ci TS Rookie

    oh thanks so much
    i just know what's the shield of R G B...
    and the sync it's the 8 pin number?? or Sync are on green signal??

    thanks again.
  6. piolinso

    piolinso TS Rookie


    This LCD monitor needs to use the CSync Signal (Composite Sync), that is both H-Sync and V-Sync pulses combined together with a simple circuit that can make yourself...(The LCD monitor can differentiate between H-Sync and V-Sync signals by looking at the pulse width because the V-Sync pulse is longer)

    Actually I´am using this display connected to a composite video output of my laptop..but the possibility to connect directly to the analogue vga output is the best with difference but actually I don´t have time to "experiment" with this :(

    For your help, I found in my hard disk more information about the signals and voltages that needs the lcd monitor to work, this is the information that I have:


    I think that are an aspects of this image than needs to be explayed...

    1. The Pin named Display Control Signal (Pin 12) indicates to the monitor which mode you need to use, for example, if you apply a maximun of 2,5 volts you activate the VGA MODE (Navigation Video Mode) and if you apply more voltage than 3,5 volts the monitor enters in Composite video mode (VCR Video Mode)

    2. The Csync signal seems to be negative, so you need a circuit that combines both H-Sync and V-sync to the negative Csync (CSyncN), searching in the web I found some information and explanations about the Csync signals and Circuits:

    I think that this circuit is the right to use with this monitor:

    And this is an image of my lcd monitor connected (and working) to a composite video output of mi dvd player :) :


    There is all, if you need more information do not doubt in asking and if you are decided to prove some circuit post the result in this thread ;)

    A greeting
  7. Fabio328ci

    Fabio328ci TS Rookie

    Hi piolinso,
    thanks so much for support, you're simply great.
    i explain you my project.
    I'm a fans of bmw's cars and i'm looking to interface for Z4 coupè monitor to Vdo navigation system.

    Now, from the LCD of MM5000 scheme, i can get the original pinout connector of PC Unit PC5000 of Vdo Navi unit.
    the z4coupè monitor use simply the RGB signal and the Sync are on green signal.
    Without problem with your help, and your scheme. Thanks for this.

    Now, my project consist to apply a tv tuner between navi Unit and Monitor, so i can switch from remote control from navi video and Tv video.

    I have found the Acer AX120 TVbox external, but have just a single output in vga mode, but have different input such as composite, vga and antenna.

    i think to convert the signal rgb+Csync output of navi unit (PC5000/5100) into vga signal, and to convert the output of tvtuner from vga to RGB with Sync on green.

    It's no difficult to know my project, i excuse for my bad english
    i hope that the concept it's right for you.

    thanks again.
  8. cristix

    cristix TS Rookie

    You Are The Best

    First of all you are the best. I am trying to find out about the monitor for almost a year. Nothing until you post your messages.
    I read everything you put in your messages.. but I'm in the field of electronics so i have a few questions... very easy...
    i want to connect my dvd through the jack input but i have to power it up first.
    Is it ok to put it on 12V dc ?
    what is the amperage that it needs?
    what voltage and amperage for pin12?
    If you can supply me a scheme (just like for a dummy) i would be forever thankful.
    Thank You
  9. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    Definitely a connection problem,, good replies guys,
  10. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373


    I am impressed with all of these noobs enthusiasm...GREAT POSTS AND WELCOME TO TECHSPOT......KEEP UM COMMING :D
  11. piolinso

    piolinso TS Rookie

    Thanks for your amiability ;)

    The way to power up the monitor to work with an cvbs signal would be the folowing one:

    To the pin 16 put the +12volts 1A (According to the technical specifications this is the amperage that the monitor needs to work correctly)

    To the pin 7 put the negative of this 12v

    Now is necessary to put the monitor in Composite video mode (VCR Video Mode), for enter to this mode we need to apply more than 3,5v to the pin 12...The easy way to obtain this voltage is to take the advantage of the same 12volts of the main power supply...according to this, you also need to connect the positive +12v 1A to the Pin 12 Display ON/OFF/VIDEO (Display Control Signal PIN12)

    Once you have connected the three cables and the cvbs input jack to the dvd player property you can power on your monitor an see the result ;)

    A greeting, Piolinso
  12. cristix

    cristix TS Rookie

    Now... this is all I've needed. Thank you very much. Now is up to me. I hope I will make it work. I've just bought last evening a 32 inch sony tv... it will be a difference in dimensions :)
    Thanks again
  13. cristix

    cristix TS Rookie

    Any idea how can i power it up without a remote control???
  14. cristix

    cristix TS Rookie

    ______________ :d
  15. piolinso

    piolinso TS Rookie

    Hi cristix,

    Respect to the remote control, I don´t now if any universal remote control can manage IT...(My monitor also is of second hand and I do not have the remote control either) I have always used this monitor with the keys of the superior part and it works well

    For this reason, when you connect the monitor like I explained to you, the monitor would have to power on an display the video of cvbs source without a remote control (the backlight also power on)

    I recommend to you that check that your cable connections and your transformer are in good conditions...if after reviewing everything the monitor don´t power on the most probable thing is that it is damaged...

    A greeting ;)
  16. maliboo

    maliboo TS Rookie

    visa versa

    you talk about conecting to a vdo dayton monitor does anyone have any idea how i can conect my vdo dayton ms 5100 to my excisting car monitor so i can get a pal picture out of the 16 pin conector ? also does anyone know what pins i can conect my remote leads to ? thanks in advance
  17. maliboo

    maliboo TS Rookie

    anyone ? :D
  18. Kikito

    Kikito TS Rookie

    Hi guys, is my first post here and first of all I would like to state that i'm very impressed with the quality of your messages!

    3 different car hi-fi installators refused to install my system but with your informations I was able to do it alone, keeping my monitor installed and just change the main unit with a new one.

    I've a MS5000 already installed and because I moved to Dubai, here any gps (a part Garmin) is not working because of maps inesistence!

    I've connected now my old MM5000 with the new garmin GVN52 (the best & cheapest unit, compatible with any monitor), and I'm trying now to avoid the screen scrolling.
    I've tried with a normal television video-in and works perfectly, but with MM5000 still not perfectly... I don't know if the CSYNCN has something to do.
    If anybody has a brainstorming idea, I would love it.

    I'm sorry for my english and thank you very much for the already posted messages.

    Keep going guys and have a nice day!
  19. Thomass

    Thomass TS Rookie

    I own this monitor and don't have the necessary cables I would like to ask you for your help. I would appreciate if someone could send the connection diagram in pictures. Since I am not very skilled in electronics I want to know what connects to what. Composite Sync, audio and power to which pins.

    I am thanking you in advance for your help!!
  20. rego88

    rego88 TS Rookie

    hello guys are new, I just purchased a monitor VDO Dayton mm5000 for my car, but it is resin with the dashboard.
    I have read the pin out of the monitor, but I fail to see the same video on the screen :-(
    I have to connect:
    pin 16 to 12vcc +;
    pin 7 to GND
    pin 12 to 12vcc +;
    pin 10 to external rca connector of cvbs dvd player
    pin 9 to external rca connector of cvbs dvd player
    but the cable csyncn where I link? by manuel
  21. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    You are replying to a thread (last replied to in 2007)

    You are best to read How to create a New Thread h e r e

    In your case your System Specs I suppose would be your mechanical parts :confused:
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