Carmageddon 4

By david5182
Mar 12, 2004
  1. SCi's latest financial results reveal a new Carmageddon title:

    "The new version of Carmageddon is due in summer 2005. Since its original release in 1997, the brand has shifted over 1.6 million units worldwide."

    Wow, 1.6 million units!
    Can't wait for any further news!

    IMO, Carmageddon is THE BEST Racing/Action game EVAR!1
  2. (=DoM=)

    (=DoM=) TS Rookie Posts: 230

    woohoo, Im not the only Carmageddon fan, Carmageddon 3 imo was a load of crap, it was so poor in comparison to C2, which imo still has the best Car physics and damage effects of any game, People are still making addons for it nearly 8 years after its release!
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