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By Thrudd
Jun 7, 2007
  1. Just looking for informed comments regarding this particular model of case by Thermaltake.

    RH-F030-2SW ... which goes under a variety of similar product names like circle / crescent / etc.Described here

    I only found one actual review so far for a product that seems to have been on the market for a couple of years.
    Their only issue was the extension of the main power cable to reach the Main board.
    Does anyone see any other issues with this design?

    I am considering this in comparison to the Enermax Chakra ECA5000BS.
    Both have the needed drive bay capacities I require.

    The rest of the system is still fuzzy. Only thing I have decided on is a Core2 Duo E6600 and the MSI P965Platinum .... though if the Gigabyte GA965P-DQ6 is measurably better I may go with that ....:rolleyes: ...I'm just soo decisive ...:rolleyes:
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