Case fan question and other power connections question

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  • Power supply :- OCZ PowerStream 520W
  • Module size and kit size:-
  • CPU model and rated speed:-Athlon 64 3200+
  • Overclocked CPU speed:-
  • Divider and FSB used:-
  • Motherboard and revision:-DFI LANPARTY UT NF4-D ATX
  • Motherboard Bios rev:-
  • Video card:- eVGA Geforce 6600GT
  • Operating System:-None yet
  • CPU and System Cooling:-3 Case fans, mobo fan and cpu fan, gfx card fan
  • Country:-Canada

I have three case fans, all which have a 3 pin connection that attaches to the motherboard and a 4 pin (same as Hard drive sized power supply connector). The 4 pin connectors have both a male and female end so that they can go inline with another part or could even be daisy chained together. My question is which line of the power supply should these be connected to?

I have a few options, I could connect one or more to the cable the contains a few 4 pin connectors and a 5V/12V power connector at the end for the motherboard or I could daisychain them on the end of a power supply cable marked (VGA/H.D.D). Also do I need both the 3 pin motherboard connector and 4 pin power supply connector, connected or are these two seperate option, which I merely need to choose one of (ie. Motherboard connection OR Power supply 4 pin connection). If so, which is better to choose?)


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If you connect them to your mobo then it will be able to monitor their speeds via the yellow wire. If you connect them to your PSU it doesnt matter which 4 pin molex connector you fit them to as they all join up inside the PSU. Another option is to buy a fan speed controller and plug them into that, the advantage is that you can control the speed and therefore the ammount of noise they produce, the more expensive controllers can also monitor speeds and temperature(s).

Hope that helps. Rik.
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