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By derrycraig
Jun 17, 2005
  1. Hello All. I’m after building a new PC using a Jeantech case, the case has two 120mm fans, and there is a space on the side of the case for an 80mm fan. There was a extendable funnel for the side fan. I have two questions. Should the side fan blow air out of the case or suck it in and should the funnel be extended fully down to the fan connected to the heatsink. If the side fan was to blow air into the case would it disrupt the heatsink fan.
  2. Rik

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    You will want the side fan blowing in or you will get cold feet if the case is on the floor. The funnel should be used if you have a hotspot. And finally the side fan blowing in wont disrupt anything at all, it will pull in loads of air for The CPU fan. As an example, I have a custom case with 2 side fans blowing in, since i made this conversion my average temps have gone down a couple of degrees and im running the fans really slow from a fan speed controller. Just had a thought, the best thing to do with the funnel if you decide to fit it is to get it to blow air at the graphics card.

    Hope this helps. Rik.
  3. zephead

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    i don't know if the graphics card is the right place to blow air, seeing how most coolers blow out in all directions from the center, which sends air towards the side panel. the best place to put of would probably be the northbridge, if it is passively cooled.
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