Cases for 8800's

By Starfox00000
Feb 14, 2007
  1. I am thinking about upgrading to some geforce 8800's, and I know that they will not fit in my current case. So I'm looking for a case with ALOT of room in it for relatively cheap. I do not need to worry about fans (ive got 3x 120mm) or a psu (i have a 680w). Newegg dosent really have search features for dimensions so thats why im asking. it needs at least 5 internal 3.5 bays (6 preferably) space for 2 cd drives and a floppy drive in an ATX form factor. Thanks in advance! :) and extra points for newegg links to said cases. :D
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    I agree. Directron has been our supplier for a year. They are just better in the things we need, and a lot less expensive. Don't ignore nor either.
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