castle wolfenstein

By munch12
Oct 24, 2003
  1. I have a 2.4 processor, 512ddr, GF45200 128mb graphics card system. i've installed a saitek P2500 game pad with advanced settings, I cannot cofigure it for use with the game. it will not recognise the d-pad or twin joysticks HELP!!
  2. Rick

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    First of all, playing a first person shooter with a game pad is nearly impossible.

    If you insist on leaving the unparalleled accuracy of the old mouse + keyboard combo, then there is probably setting in wolfenstien to accept game pads.

    Also keep in mind that computers handle digital and analog signals differently. So if you have a gamepad with a joystick and a directional pad, then maybe one or the other works. You'll have to figure out which one wolfenstein recognizes and then switch what you'd like to use to either digital or analog (usually).
  3. munch12

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    thanks Rick, Ur the first person i've asked that talks any sence. I'm new to all this P.C stuff I've just jumped from PS2 games, and at fustrating times like this i want to go and fire the old dear up again. When buying games for the PC is there any symbol that i should look for which will let me know if i can safely use a g-pad?

    Thanks again
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