Catalina trouble

By Sarcazmo
Sep 9, 2005
  1. hi all
    me again...i managed to sort the sound out,thnx for the tips from before,,but i think i found the problem as you know i upgraded to the catalina 7.1 and as i was'nt smart enough to look at everything properly,,,when i installed the driver it never passed windows certification n thought it would'nt be a huge problem,,the sound is great when runing dvd's n music but now when i try using msn messenger i never hear the other person could this be due to having no DSP,also when i installed it my system keeps crashing,like when opening the start menu it's half black n nothing will open unless i actually click on it instead of moving my mouse over and it opens up the sub-menu,is this graphics or the sound card being fawlty some-how?it's starting to get me a lil annoyed as i feel i was sold some dud sound card,is there a way i can assign a digital driver?or would that make no difference?

    Thanks for any help

    my specs are

    intel pro 2.8ghz
    asus p4p800
    512 ram
    radeon 9600
    winfast 2000xp tv card
    catalina 7.1
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