Catch skull

By martious
Nov 10, 2007
  1. Hi I finished halo 3 ages ago and have recently been looking for the skulls I have every one of them exept the catch skull Iv looked were ist sapose to be but so far have had no luck iv tried on normal, heroic, and legendy I have not killed eather tanks iv killed one but not the other including killing one of them insted of the other and visa versa iv done this on every dificilty so far and its not were it should be and yes i have been starting from the begining. would like to now if any one had the same problem if so how did they fixs it.

  2. bobhi3

    bobhi3 TS Rookie

    i did every thing i needed to do but it was not ther. i did normal do i have to do legendary?
  3. martious

    martious TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi its martious again.

    when i finished halo 3 i finished it on easy in impationts to see the story line and heve recently been trying to get the skulls but have hit a bump in the road I need to reverse my easy finish and start in normal again but its all ready in my xbox live service record for halo 3 is their a way to start again on normal and erase my easy finish with out deleteing all my hard work and achivments and my pecious xbox live accont that has $100 plus in time and points on it. could some one plz reply asap its stoping me from full hyabusa armor i need one more skull to complete the armor.
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