cd burner won't work

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May 17, 2005
  1. CD Burner won't read, play or burn. Checked device manager - SCSI/RAID HOST CONTROLLER SHOWS '!' in yellow and states "cannot start device (Code 10). Tried uninstall of host controller but still didn't work on reboot . PLEASE HELP :confused:
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    Are you using the correct drivers? Have you tried removing the actual burner from device manager and rebooting and allowing Window$ to find it again?

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  3. NO CLUE

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    Tried uninstall

    Thanks for the welcome. I have now tried an uninstall/reinstall of the burner, but it still won't work. It appears as if the error is coming from the SCSI and RAID controller. As I am a tech-know-nought :blush: this controller means nought to me.
    I welcome any more suggestions. Thanks.
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  4. SNGX1275

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    What motherboard do you have (or what model store brand comp is it). Most likely you will need to download and install the drivers for that controller.
  5. patio

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    Is there a reason for running the burner on a SCSI/RAID controller? ?
    Are all your other IDE slots being used currently? ?

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  6. NO CLUE

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    Got frustrated, sent to the Dr's

    Hi all,
    Thanks for all your hints and tips. Unfortunately I got mighty frustrated and sent my box to the doctors. All software was apparently fine. Had to replace the burner. Oh well, I now have a dvd burner instead of a cd burner....

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