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CD Drive does not refresh in WinXP

By Linda ยท 8 replies
Mar 11, 2007
  1. If I put a CD disk in my drive, it reads it fine. If I take it out, the contents stay listed in Win Explorer. Even if I hit refresh.
    I'm trying to consolidate data on old CD's onto new DVD's, so I need to be able to refresh the contents of the drive. I'm sure I turned off something somewhere, but I can't figure out where...
    Can anyone help me?
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Are you using Nero, Roxi or some sort of third party software?
    You have some sort of DriveImage or what they call burn anything to the CD or DVD like dropping files directory onto the drive without burning like you do with HDD?
  3. Linda

    Linda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I don't think it matters which software I use to burn. I haven't yet gotten into using the software. I'm just trying to see what I have on my Cd's.

    The important thing is that the problem is with WinXP Explorer. It is not showing me the correct contents of the disk in my drive. It shows me the contents of what I had in my drive previously. It doesn't refresh, and read it again.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    What happen when you reboot the PC do you see same?
  5. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Yes, it could. Burning softwares sometimes install special CD-ROM access drivers etc... This could interfere with the normal operation of your drive.

    If you've made any installs/changes recently relating to CD burning, copying, cacheing or other utilities, please uninstall the program(s) and reboot to see if this corrects the problem.
    So, even if you manually refresh after browsing the new CD, it still doesn't shows the files from previous CDs? This is bizzarre.
  6. Linda

    Linda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As for the reboot, yes this change happened awhile ago, maybe a few months ago. I can't remember if there was a particular piece of software that triggered it. It hasn't bothered me too much until now, when I need an accurate listing of my CD contents.

    I know I have Daemon Tools, VMware and Ultra VNC that are fairly new installs. It might have occurred after installing them. Guess I should start there by uninstalling.
    I just thought it might be a setting within WinXP, to re-read CD drives, and that is why I posted here instead of uninstalling software. But i guess I should get busy with uninstalling... :)

    Rick, I just tried the manual Refresh. It worked. But it does still show the name of the disk as the old one. But that isn't a major problem. The files are showing correctly.
  7. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    But you mention:

    DAEMON Tools is a disk image emulator for Microsoft Windows that mounts images of DVD and CD media on virtual drives. The program is able to defeat most copy protection schemes such as SafeDisc and SecuROM. Ultra VNC is for remote control and VMWare for virtual version of the OS at the same time. But you're doing all on the same PC or on virutal drives? What happens when you use GUI from MY COMPUTER instead of Windows Explorer? Do you get the same effect?
  8. Linda

    Linda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes tipster, I have these programs for different reasons. They aren't here because of the project i am trying right now. I only mentioned them because I installed them fairly recently. :) I never even used them and they are not loaded (as far as I know!).

    As for MY COMPUTER as opposed to WinXP Explorer, I thought they were the same thing. I'll try them both seperately. I use them interchangeably, along with the My Documents shortcut on my Desktop.
  9. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Alot of people use Windows Explorer which was based on the old File Manager back in the day when Windows 3.11 was around. I use more of the GUI MY COMPUTER folder system. There was reported problems with Windows Explorer crashing and not able to copy folders on server drives. When you use MY COMPUTER you don't have this type of problems. To me is just faster.
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