CD drives not reconized in HD swap - Windows 98se

By daniel161
Dec 11, 2007
  1. I have two computers, and two hard drives. In the first computer, I needed to upgrade the HD to 15gb and remove my 3gb drive. However, the 3gb drive is still fully loaded with Windows and I would like to use it in my "parts" pc. (Parts pc = computer that is never 100%, parts are always being added and removed to make other computers better).

    So I pop the 3gb into my second computer and everything seems to work ok, but in Windows the two CD drives are not being displayed. I know they are in installed correct because the computer BIOS found them and the Windows boot floppy w/cd support acknowledges them. So my question is now how to get them recognized in the GUI version of Windows? I have tried to copy the driver files from the boot disk and use the CD section of the config.sys copied to the main Windows version, that didn't work. I think part of the problem is that the first computer had a dvd player/cd burner drive which I believe had it own drivers. So what I want to know is how to get those default drivers back in place so I can use my two standard cd drives. Anyone have any ideas?


    --Daniel L
  2. kenbman

    kenbman TS Rookie


    google for some dos cd rom driver .There are some out there that you can
    install from dos and this will resolve your problem when you reboot back into windows . You can also use system restore to revert your system back to before you made the changes.
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