Build a PC CD/DVD auto start inoperative

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My LiteOn CD/DVD/Reader/Burner has given me several years of excellent service. However it is exhibiting a couple of symptoms which seem to indicate that it’s time for a new one (unless you feel that a firmware change or tweak in Windows XP Home) will solve the problem.

In short, it won’t auto-play anymore. It started doing this in the middle of an afternoon session. It responds to commands given it such as Start-Run- *.exe, Control Panel double click on CD *.exe or commands from burning software (Nero). Any kind of disk such as music, DVD, installation, slide show with auto start, etc. has to be started manually.

Another less important, but interesting, symptom is that if I go to My Computer-DVD-RW Drive-right click-“eject” it works OK, but if I then tell it to “load” it doesn’t respond.

If I go to My Computer-DVD-RW Drive-Properties-Autoplay and select “Prompt me each time to choose an action” it has no effect. If I select “Select an action to perform” it has no effect either. Selecting “default” doesn’t help. I click the “apply” key each time, by the way.

It certainly would appear as though auto play has been turned off, somehow, except that the “load” function doesn’t work either which leads me to believe that something is bad in the device.

I would appreciate your comments or assistance.

Stuart Culp


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"My LiteOn CD/DVD/Reader/Burner has given me several years of excellent service"...

Time for a new one Stuart... sorry


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If auto play and its inability to load from a right click command are the only problems, then I'm not sure I'd spend $30 on a new one. Those things just don't seem like big issues to me.

I suppose you could uninstall the drive through device manager (and the ide controller it is on for good measure) and reboot. Let Windows autodetect them again and that might fix those issues you are having.


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Unless DEP has been turned on for everything and/or the autorun function has been disabled. We had a thread about that only a few days ago....
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