CD/DVDROM drive - not detected by bios, detected by Windows?

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Jun 12, 2006
  1. I should have came to this conclusion sooner, but my current re-installation of Windows has some problems that I haven't had the time to address until now. What I need, though, is access to the repair function on the disk. However, herein lies my problem...

    When I boot up, media in the drive or no media, bios does not show the drive in its list. I can still open and close the drive as if nothing is wrong there, but I cannot "boot from CD". I've reset my bios back to defaults and while the drive appeared on IDE Channel 1 in the settings, it still would not recognize ANY media while booting up.

    I have the latest version of my bios. I have also tried changing cables. The drive is on an IDE channel by itself.

    Once my system boots into Windows, however, the drive is recognized and acts normally as if nothing happened in bios. Media operates fine. I have checked the event viewer, and there are no entries anywhere that states my optical drive has been experiencing problems, and yes, in fact it operates just like it always does.

    Can anyone help me get my bios and cdrom back together again? The problem is I just do not know where to start to solve this. I wish I could say how long this has been happening, but I really don't know as of today. There have been no hardware changes in the past three months, and my current installation and configuration began back in late April.

    Thanks for your time...
  2. fastco

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    What is the boot sequence in the bios? should be CD or optical drive first, then Hard Drive or IDE-0 second if you want to boot from the cd-drive. Many computer manufacturers set the computer to automatically boot off of the hard drive by default so setting the factory defaults might not be what you are looking for. Look for the screen that has the boot order or sequence and just change it, exit and save settings and restart the computer with the boot cd in the drive. I hope that helps.
  3. whtddusy516

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    I believe he said that the BIOS couldnt find his CD, so boot sequence would have no effect. I was thinking the same thing to though. Im pretty sure i had this problem to, but it wasnt after a repair. I never worried about it though since I never needed to boot off of a cd. How do you have the Cables set up? like is it on Master or Slave/Primary or Secondary
  4. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Just trying to help..
  5. N3051M

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    try changing the IDE cable, or checking the jumper settings...
  6. Nekrophetamine

    Nekrophetamine TS Rookie Topic Starter

    fastco was right...

    The default order went like this:
    1. Removable 2. Hard Drive 3. CD ROM

    I switched CD ROM and Removable. With CD ROM as the first boot device, it was not only recognized in POST, but I was able to access the CD. :)

    I do have another problem though, but it is in regard to the Windows installation, and would be off topic here. Eitherway, this problem has been absolutely fixed; I have made sure.

    Thanks to all for the quick response.
  7. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Glad it worked.. What is your other problem?
  8. ajitr8

    ajitr8 TS Rookie

    I am facing the same problem... but the drive is not recognised inspite of seting the boot sequence at top prority for cd drive. i even tried with taking off the hdd from the boot sequence in bios, but still the system is booting formt he HDD and boththe cd drive as well as the external dvd drive is not getting detected. though i can use bothafter booting into windows.
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