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Apr 15, 2002
  1. Hi!

    Does anyone know how to rip off the files(all types of files not just mp3s) from a CD and paste them on the harddrive.

    I tried to copy and paste a file of 550 Megabytes from a CD to the harddrive and in the middle of the copying it stopped with an error.
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    This is considered pirating. And here at 3DSpotlight, we do not for any reason condone pirating. So please keep these sort of questions off the boards. Thank you.
  3. Phantasm66

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    Yes. I do. ;)
  4. david5182

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    I bough Jedi Knight II and the cd doesnt install(in the middle of instalation it tells me to put in disk 0 with file, there is only one CD in the Box and there is no file on it). I called Lucas Arts and they told me it was a defective CD. However, I had exactly the same problem with my Medal of Honor install process. The only way I managed to install MOHAA, was to copy all of the CD contents onto my harddrive, and start installation from the harddrive omitting the CD.
    I talked to some people, and they said that it might be the problem with my CD ROM, but all of the other games I buy instal fine. So I decided to try and copy all the contents of the jedi knight CD to my harddrive. There is one file which is over 550 megs and I cant copy it.

    P.S. The jedi knight cd is not scratched nor was my Medal of Honor CD scratched
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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  6. T-Shirt

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    If they say it's defective ,then they should replace it!
  7. boeingfixer

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    I have had a similar problem too, I had to get a utility to SLOW down my CD-Rom so the program would load correctly. I forget the game now I installed but their Techie suggested it. It worked great and I was off and running. I think it was called DriveSpeed. Thats what the program was, read the post in the old forums.

    And for future reference, it really saves you and us some headaches if you ask your question with the problem right off the bat. If you would have asked about the games first poertner_1274 would not have had to correct you. Just something to keep in mind. The staff and regular forum posters do not support the underworld of computers.

    Let us know if it helps....
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