CD-rom and boot.ini PROBLEMS

By UPLB stud
May 27, 2005
  1. im having a problem with boot.ini... the error says:

    Invalid Boot.ini
    Booting from c:\windows\

    this is really invalid i guess.... my windows folder in on
    drive d: not on drive c:.... how can i make changes to the
    boot.ini??? THANKS again in advance!!!!!

    oh! i also noticed that my CD-ROM drive cannot open any Files.
    it always prompt me to the error no disk inserted on drive f: or
    0(zero) bytes found but there is a disc on it (not a blank disc)...
    the CD-Rom is detected in start-up
    as secondary slave... my primary slave is a cd writer...


    I hope u can help me again on the problems i am experiencing on
    my other PC.... it is running on windows 98 OS... same as above...
    the drive f: cannot read files ... but it can write on CD (because
    it is a CD writer this time)... even the files that was writen by
    itself cannot be read....i must use drive D (CD-ROm) to read files...

    it has 2 HD (drive c and d) both drives can be detected at start up...
    but only drive c appear on MY COMPUTER.. i dont know what to do..???

    another thing ...when i go to display properties... color quality is
    up to 16 bit and screen resolution can only be set at the lowest...
    .... THANKS A LOT 4 your help in advance
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Need more input

    please fill out your profile for both machines
    as suggested Here
    We'll be able to help you out better. :bounce:
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