CD-RW Drive Does Not Write Properly

By seanestrella
Aug 17, 2005
  1. When I try to write to a CD-RW using Nero or any other software I've tried, I've been unable to write without getting multiple read errors during the data verification process. Sure enough, the data verification process is accurate and I cannot use the CD-RW.

    I have two machines running Windows XP. On each of the two machines I have a drive capable of writing CD-RWs at 24x. I use Nero Burning ROM, a drive manufactured by TDK, and another manufactured by LITE ON. The CD-RWs I use are manufactured by Memorex and are capable of writing at 24x. I've also tried writing at rates as low as 8x. This problem is only with CD-RWs though. I can burn CD-Rs perfectly. And this just baffles me. I've tried using compressed air to clean out the drive of any dust with no luck. And the drivers were provided by Windows so I'm almost certain that there isn't a problem there. I should also mention that these CD-RWs are in just about perfect condition. There was a time that they even worked on my drives. But after maybe one or two burns later, I can't properly burn to them anymore. I'm just..baffled.
  2. Nodsu

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    Try another CD-RW brand. Also, update the firmware of the burners just in case.

    If you have a dusty environment (your bedroom) then try a cleaning CD to clean the lenses of the burners.
  3. seanestrella

    seanestrella TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh, yes. I have been searching for firmware updates but they are no longer supplied apparently. I have used a cleaning CD for the lens to no avail as well. So I guess I'm just going to have to try out another brand of CD. But what would the difference be? Wouldn't they be the same? And also, would performing a full erase in Nero affect any sort of filesystem on the CD? Or does Nero automatically take care of that when you burn something?
  4. etones

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    i have porblem a bit like that my cdrw drive some times doesnt write to certain makes blank cds and also i cant copy dvds on my dvdrw it says something about unable to read region 2 discs please insert a region 1 disc
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