CD-RW Drive not recognised in my computer

By squelch59
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Dear All

    I put together this computer last week (AMD Athlon XP 2000+, Windows XP Home Edition SP1) with a single CD-RW drive. The drive was on its own on the secondary IDE channel on my Abit KV7 mobo. I Recently put in a DVD drive and I had to swap the IDE channels over because the cable wouldn't reach to the DVD player!! So I now have my two HDD on the Secondary IDE channel and my CD-RW (slave) and DVD player (master) on the primary IDE channel.
    When the computer is powered up and all running I open My Computer and my CD-RW isn't there! I checked in Windows Media Player and it's not there either.

    BUT when I have a look in the deivce manager and the Computer Managment program it's there sitting quite happily!

    If i put in a music CD it doesn't start automatically but the drive visually and aurally seems to work fine!

    any ideas??


  2. Yaesu

    Yaesu TS Rookie

    Not to sure what would cause that. Maybe have the cd-rw master and the dvd player as slave. Also i thought i heard somewhere that it's better for your HD to be on the primary IDE. Could be wrong.
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