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Jan 11, 2004
  1. Hey all, I've been some small problems lately with my Samsung CD-RW / DVD-Rom Combo Drive not reading some media discs I had burned very well. I thought it may have been the discs, but was not sure. When I'd try and copy files from the discs to my hard drive often times the time limit would go to 120 minutes and above. Essentially it wasn't reading the files and / or was having trouble scanning the discs. Regardless of whether it was the discs fault or not, I went to the Samsung website and downloaded the drivers / forceware for the drive and installed it. Needless to say the forceware install has now made it so my XP system does not recognize the drive (D:\) at all. When I boot up / restart, it says that it cannot find hard disk 0 and asks if I want to press F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup. When I choose F1, it boots up XP just fine, recognizes both of my hard drives, my 3.5" floppy drive, and the virtual drive I use (for gaming) from gamedrive (E:\). I need help getting my system tor ecognize my combo drive again! Please help!
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  3. cascott

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    Thanks for the info, but I didnt run the ASPI program because its for win 95 / NT and I have XP. Any other versions available? currently my aspi is not properly installed
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    It works for any NT system...

    I use it on Win2K and it works just fine...
  5. cascott

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    Ok, did what you said, cdvinfo sees my DVD rom drive but nothing else, firmware revision at 0303, no drive region locked, CDR read speed is 50. Still, my computer doesnt recognize the drive, and as you can see it sees my virtual drive as E:\, but not my CDRW-DVD drive as D:\.

    see my attached file for screenshot of desktop with open files -- My Computer / CDinfo / Device Manager
  6. cascott

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    I just attached a picture in my previous post, but there is no link to it?
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    OK. I AM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. My computer was recognizing it fine but now it does not show up in bios, windows, or device manager. They have been woking fine but now it doesn't. There are two drives. A Philips DVDRW-D28 and a Lite-On DVDRW-411S. PLEASE HELP!!
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    TWO CD drives not reconized in Windows ME

    Two CD drives that used to be recognized in Windows ME now no longer show up in My Computer or Device Manager, nor do they get picked up by Add New Hardware. They ARE reconized by bios at boot. I did boot to Win ME in safe mode and deleted "phantom" CD controller entries there, as I've seen that help in similar situation in the past with Windows to get it to recognize stuff properly, but no such luck. Please help. I have some hardware I'd like to install that needs me to use the CD drive.
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