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May 2, 2004
  1. I just installed a new LG CD/RW. Straight switch.....I disconnected (but left in place) my old still working CD/WR and installed the new CD/WR in the slot below then took the ribbon and power off the old and connected them to the new. For some reason I set the jumper on the LG to CS and not to Slave where the old one was. When I boot up my computer the boot screen says: Primary Slave........Not Detected. I have checked in my Device Manager and all the Primary, Secondary and Slaves are there and they are working Properly........So is this just because I never set the CD/RW to Slave? What is the CS setting for? I read somewhere it was for auto I wrong?

  2. SNGX1275

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    It is almost certainly a jumper setting (unless you forgot to hook up the power). So just set the jumper to Slave rather than CS and it will detect (Espically since you say thats how your other one was and all you did was unplugged the ide cable from the old and connected to the new).

    Cable select supposedly means you can set all the drives to cable select and hook them up and they will work. But I've always been skeptical of it, and just set it up manually with jumpers.
  3. Liquidlen

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    SNGX I agree with you, I never use the Cable select option.

    Ray in your answer you send the error message 'Primary Slave not Detected " You were able to boot and check Device manager.
    That sounds as though you have the CD rw connected to the Primary Ide channel as a slave.
    Even though there is nothing wrong with that , you will find that by putting the CDRW on as Master to the Secoundary channel ,you should get a little more performance especially when you multitasking . a CD can actually slow down the Hdd connected the way you have it.
  4. Ray

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    Hi Liquidlen

    The computer works ok, it was just the Cd that was not being detected. Everything is ok now. Your idea of putting the CDwr on the secondary as master makes sense, but isn't it common practise at least of the computers I have taken apart is that the hdd is the primary master and the Cd is the primary slave. How would your new setup go? Hdd as the primary master, then the Cdrw as the secondary Master and the DVD as the secondary slave?

    If you set everything just to CS, would the computer automatically setup the primary and slaves to the best positions as primary and slaves?
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    When HD and CD are active at the same time (being on the same IDE-cable) you would notice a slowdown of the HD.
    Thus it is advisable (as Liquidlen said) to make the burner the master on the secondary IDE-channel.
    The DVD could be slave on the Primary OR Secondary (preferably).
    Avoid CS if you can, less chances of a conflict.
  6. Ray

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    I have my Hdd as primary master and the CDWR as secondary master and DVD as slave on the secondary. Thanks for the advise.
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