By JackJohnson
Jan 2, 2005
  1. IF you finalize a CD (on accident, has only 1 track) is it possible to make it so u can write to teh rest of it. Does anyone know how to do it or have a porgram to
  2. Nodsu

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    You cannot. Finalising is final unless it is a rewritable CD.
  3. Confucious

    Confucious TS Rookie

    fellow mellow

    Hey if your CD is rewritable then there is some program that can put new stuff on it, but you'll lose the song(s) that you aready put on it. Good luck with that, but even more importantly, Jack Johnson is amazing. There were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven. His music takes you to another world, man. Rock on, peace out!
  4. Pegasus04

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    I've seen a couple of programs that anulate that session you accidentally closed on a CD-R disc (you lose it) and allow you to use the rest of the cd (depends on how the session closed, the program tells you if the cd can or cannot be saved). I can't remember their names, tough, CdSaver or something like that. Useful if the cd boke at the beginning of it. Ask about them!

    Good luck! :)
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