Celeron D 352 Cedar Mill motherboard support...

By wolfram
May 26, 2006
  1. Celeron D 352...

    Hi everyone!

    I´m very interested on this CPU. But, a change like that means new motherboard too.
    I´m interested on this Gigabyte motherboard:


    It has a 865GV chipset, dual channel support, AGP8X, and everything I need. This would be a GREAT buy, and the reviews on Newegg are good (that´s important to me), but the main question is:

    Will this Gigabyte mobo fully support the Celeron D Cedar Mill? I went to Gigabyte´s site and they say that they´re testing it.
    The mobo´s box says "Cedar Mill support".
    Here´s the box:

    What do you think about this?

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