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Oct 25, 2005
  1. well I dont know ie I should have just added this to my post about the mobos or not but here goes
    in my sons build I am very limited by my budget, and I couldnt afford to spend $200 on a nice P4 and I prefer intel products it's what I know about
    so I got a great price on a celeronD 2.93 512 cache brandnew never open for under $50 on ebay. when I started gaming I had a older celeron 2.8 128 cache I played doom3 ,HL2, tribes vengenace all rather new and demanding games surpisingly the celeron did ok along with a ATI 9550, it isnt a gamers dream machine but it did ok, of course I upgraded everything in time, but for a starter gamer it was perfect. I am just courious to know if anyone knows how the celeron D preforms? I know the 2.93 is rather new intel made it to compete with th3 sempron and pci express. it will be backed by a 6600gt or a 9800pro AGP video card I have 1 of each I will see which one works best in his rig. but anything anyone can share about the new celeron D would be very helpful
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    i think the celeron you are talking about has 256kb L2 cache, as i am not familar with any celrons having 512Kb but then again i could be wrong..

    Ahh another Intel comrade.

    ok so here it goes.

    First off, games are not to cache dependent. Thats a good thing considering Celerons are cache starved. The D in celeron D says that the Prescott core is used. Thats both good and bad, you get some performance boost over the northwood core, at that expense of heat. But these new (or newer i should say) celeron Ds, have a fairly high clock, and are on the 533 FSB, so they are decent performers.

    So if you just want to skip to this and aviod that rant above..all in all at 50 bucks, the celron should work for a budget machine. (depsite the crap image people give it)


    PS i sent you an email regarding BF2
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    thx I got your message I reply contact me and I'll get ya set up in the clan :)
    I just want my boy to be able to play bf2 with me also he just joined the clan this week so I am trying to put his rig together. I am buying a piecre at a time all I need is the ram .and his wife wants a fancy case I ordered the mobo today I want to benchtest it asap to make sure it will do the job
    I think your right about the cache it is the older p4 s that have the 512 right?
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