Celeron running as good as P4?

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Sep 6, 2006
  1. My secondary computer has a 3.6ghz Pentium 4 560J Processor (Socket 775), and my primary computer has a 2.66 (@ 3.1)ghz Intel Celeron Prescott Processor, although my primary computer seems to run almost as fast as the P4! The P4 also has ht technology. Can anyone explain this. The P4 Computer is new and clean of adware/viruses as well.
  2. DonNagual

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    How are you comparing the two when you say they run the same speed? Simply opening and closing webpages, or are you actually timing how long it takes for each (for example) to encode a video?

    For CPU intensive applications, you P4 should be much faster than that Celery .... I mean celeron ;)
  3. cfitzarl

    cfitzarl TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 1,975   +9

    I mean simple things, like opening the start menu and startup, shut down, and things like that. The P4 though, on average, runs around 45-50 Processes while the computer is on, and the Celeron runs around 25 (at most). There is one huge factor. I only mention this because the P4 has Ht. I personally think the Pentium 4 is better as well; this one with 1mb of l2 cache, mine have 256kb! I am going to upgrade as soon as I can (I'm a student in school, so budget is very, very tight! Need classed!).
  4. Tmagic650

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    The Intel P4 comes in many flavors. All P4 will out-perform Celerons eventually
  5. johnmayo

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    The very first pc i ever had...it had a Intel Celron 2.4ghz and my friend gave me a intel p4 1.7ghz 400fsb williamate core and it was a little faster the celery.
  6. Face of LA

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    yep thats true,
    Maybe the celeron's pc condition better than the p4's?( i mean the 2 computers u talkin about) Maybe the Memory(RAM) of the celeron one is more?
    But yeh P4 better than celeron overall

  7. korrupt

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    I'd say this would be because with simple operations, your CPU will not be used to the max so as an example may be using only 1ghz (I know this is completely incorrect, but just as a comparison) and since both processors are over 1ghz, you wont notice a difference.

    As I said, I realise even the basica are completely incorrect but it seems this is the most simple way of esplaining it.


  8. cfitzarl

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    This is what gets me, my computer has 512 DDR2 533 Ram, and the other has 1GB DDR 400 ram. Even though mine is faster, the other computer still has twice as much as mine.

    Although, one thing is that the internet where the secondary computer is, is clocked at around 768kbps. I think my mind is playing tricks on me because my computer runs a little over T3 (~2.8mbps), so the Celeron would naturally look faster to the mind when online viewing pages. This is my thinking. Although, I notice for some reason that the lighter the desktop wallpaper, the "lighter" the pc seems to the eye (you know, like a pc would seem to run smoother when the eye sees more brightness in the backround), and my celeron's wallpaper is the generic Windows "Island" thing; which is bright. The Sony (Secondary) Vaio has the traditional navyish blue wallpaper. Hence the difference in color. Do this to your computer and see if it works. Maybe my eyes are screwed up or something. Tomorrow I am to go visit my parents and I will change the color of the backround to the same as the celeron and see and repost. After you think about it, it tends to make a little sense, although I'm no expert in psychological visionary things.
  9. wolfram

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    Just run 3D mark 06 on both computers, and you'll know the real difference.

    Be prepared to watch an incredible and long slideshow, especially during the high-res tests, and CPU test :(
  10. cfitzarl

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    Isn't one of the system requirements to have a video card with 256mb of memory? Also, yeah it will be a slideshow. Even the 05 version ran terribly when I had the 6200, imagine now? I'll download it and test it out.
  11. F1N3ST

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    Ok, i have just been scared, i look up at corrupts post count then his join date, and he has 666 posts now, joind in june, 6th month in year, 2006


    I didnt edit that at all, just Prt screen, and cropped it in paint.
  12. Sharkfood

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    I'd believe it since I've gotten some older Socket 478 systems to just totally destroy many of the Pentium-D/775 systems due to memory and chipset issues.

    What I'd recommend doing is to perform some real CPU tests using benchmarking tools to determine how much "stuff" your Pentium system has compared to the Celeron. Who knows, perhaps your Pentium system needs some work/config?

    I'd recommend downloading the following:
    1) SiSoft Sandra 2005
    2) HDTach
    3) SuperPI

    In Sandra, run it's CPU arithmetic tests and it's memory bandwidth tests.
    HDTach, run it's smaller HD test
    In SuperPI, run it for 1M and 2M and report it's timing.

    I'd also recommend doing this with as few processes as possible to get similar results. You can usually go into Services and STOP tasks manually you dont need, as well as in the Task Manager.. once you're done testing, just reboot for them to restart normally.

    You can run this suite of tests on both systems to truly measure where performance may be going or what strengths/weaknesses each system may have. If you report them here for the Pentium system, we might be able to help you boost it's performance where it may not be running to it's full potential. Intel based systems are extraordinarily easy to get wrong with config/bios and settings as they are very reliant on a balanced/good configuration to run well.
  13. wolfram

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    I think yes, it requires or recommends a 256MB card. I have a 256MB X800GTO, and 1 GB of RAM, and it was a pain in the @ss watching 3D Mark 2005 & 2006. I overclocked my CPU to 3500+ speeds, and it was almost the same.

    Very poor programing by Futuremark. Their sponsors think that we have to buy their incredible expensive PC's just to run 3D mark well.
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