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By Secondgunman
May 31, 2005
  1. PCS Cells maynot be seen as computers but they are in and are being given more and more computer like tools. As an I.T. Tech I have desided the phones with PDAs intergraded into them are not good as you loose one they are both gone. So going with a phone and that is real good and a good PDA I have picked the Sanyo CPS-4920 as my cell this bad boy has 4-5.5 hrs talk time "CB" like call features speaker phone and what I realy like a day-planner and phone book that allows for webpages and E-mail addresses to be stored so if I lost my PDA contact info and what I have to do is still there. the phone is a good size yet being small and sleek with good sized buttons most reports on the phone give it a 7-7.5 I would be more inclinded to give it about 8.5 out of 10 as I find it's failing points are that it still has an external antena batt life could be about 2-3 hrs longerand when unlocking the phone you have to push the "Back" button for some time and if the phone has gone into sleep mode then you must push the "Back" button release it then press and hold the button again till it unlocks. I know they did this so you dont unlock the phone in your pocket but they should have put a promp in to tell you so. Another silly thing but in the same way cool is the phone has no cammera but if you have a picture of someone you can send the pic to your phone and like it to a phone nomber so when that person calls you are reminded of who they are. problem with this is that if you fave a pic of some one you more often then not know them well but a real good feature for lone trips on the road; link your kids wife and perants pics to their numbers and you still have a little reminder of them when your are jumping planes.

    the phone realy has a pro intended look and feel as it has class smooth sleek but is not gawdy or realy snazzy, yet still eye catching with a real good 65K Colour LCD screen that has a screen plate covering it so even if you manage to brake this hi impact plastic case you wont trash your screen.

    Downloadable Ringers Screensaver and games keep you ringing and looking cool and yah gaming on the go. (I got the Imperial March ring tone download and realy caught some eyes at the Star Wars opening)

    I nothing thing I like about the phone is the CB like call feature as I often find when building computers and fixxing net works there are times we cant get the part that we need and we have to deside on the fly what part to get this beats making a call as a standard call, most of my friends are going to this phone as we like playing with CBs and these are good all over Noth America without haveing to get into ham radio. My co-workers and I allso like the CB reature for when we are running cable or truble shoothing. :bounce:
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