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Nov 11, 2006
  1. I dont know where to put this if its in the wrong place sorry. I'm wanting to get Microsoft Certified, and with my current job I cant take regular classes. I was wanting to try online classes but dont know where to go to do this. Which is the best College, Institute what ever to do this?

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    How about any of you know how to get Certified through Microsoft itself?
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    \Just choose the exams and self study with used books from Ebay. Then get some practice exams to make sure you understand what you've read. Transcender makes the best in my opinion. They're just like the real ones. Remember to understand why your answer is right or wrong. Don't just memorize the practice exams.

    A bootcamp will get you certified but you won't learn the material, you'll learn the tests.

    You can also Google for "braindumps". These are notes posted about the tests from people that have recently taken them.

    Hope this helps.
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    yes grasias.
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    I have several books on certifications and they are very thorough. The quizes give the answers and the reasons why the others are not correct.

    I bought all these books from Borders. Some come with software that allows you to take tests. The questions are from the test and like the real test, the questions are random
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    lol my question was lame, lol but yeah basicly thats what I wanted to know thanks everyone
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