Changing Default Directory for Windows Explorer

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Nov 12, 2003
  1. Is there a way to change the default drive/directory that Window's Explorer opens in? If so, would you please chip in?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    I never use Window Explorer. Instead I use Ontrack's Powerdesk.
    This (re-)opens in the last folder you were in. Also, it has the option to view dual panes (horizontal or vertical), has built-in support for ZIP etc. Once you have used Powerdesk, you will never look back.

    See description here:

    There is a free version floating around, quite often given away on PCmagazine-CD's
  3. Arcangelo

    Arcangelo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for the tip, I will try that for my home computer. However, this is for a co-worker that has little to no understanding of computers. I need to make Windows Explorer open in another directory.
  4. Rick

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    Well, you could make a shortcut to explorer on the desktop, for example. And then you can add a command line switch to the shortcut. Something like this, explorer /root,C:\program files will open the explorer window in Program Files.

    This may be an alternative to what you are trying to do.

    Also, you can just make a shortcut to the folder you are trying to set as default if this person needs access to a certain folder a lot. The explorer command line and the shortcut to the folder do basically the same thing.
  5. Arcangelo

    Arcangelo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Works like a charm! Thanks much.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin TS Rookie

    I was looking around for an answer to this very question however I wanted to change the default folder that explorer opens in when i choose 'explore' from the right click context menu off the 'Start' button. ANyway having not found what I was looking for I began digging in the registry and I found the relevant keys!!


    Here you find all the entries for your Start button right click context menu. It seems that no matter what you do to the 'explore' keyset, it doesnt change the default directory for explorer as I had hoped. Sooo, I made a new keyset copying all of the 'explore' items into a new keyset. I changed the name of it to 'Explore D:\' and changed the 'command' key to 'explorer /root, d:\' and hey presto I had a new entry on my right click context menu.

    I am happy with myself:)

    Thought I should share this info:)
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