Changing laptop is suddenly telling me that my system model is different

By alvdy
Mar 7, 2006
  1. when i put the recovery disks into my Toshiba Tecra TE2100 it tells me that the laptop that these disks are designed for are not valid in this laptop which i happen to know they are. in the picture the text circled in red SHOULD read Te2100 but it reads Portable Pc. is there any way to change this so that the disks are recognised??? :mad:


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  2. Peddant

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    An incorrect DMI string appears to be the problem -
    Quote -

    "If you notice when the software gives you the WRONG MACHINE error it tells you the model it should have been. If you insert the Toshiba disk while already running Windows and explore it there is a file named something like chgDMI... Run the little program by double clicking it and it will ask for the name to use in DMI.. Just type in the name that the error told you it should have been and hit ok. After that your problems should be fixed.. Like I said, nice tool... I don't think I like Toshiba's support very much anymore.."
  3. alvdy

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    Thanks so much for that. it works perfectly now.
    I think i agree with the bit that says i dont like tha toshiba recovery system very much
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