Changing the CPU of a Twinhead A5000

By Andro
May 26, 2005
  1. I have just been given an old Twinhead A5000 laptop and i want to change the CPU. I took the lappy apart and it has a socket 370 celeron 600 (66mhz fsb). I shoved an PIII 850 (100mhz fsb) and it came up as a 566, which i guess is 8.5 x 66 so the fsb hasnt changed. I took out the cpu again and noticed 2 sets of 4 jumpers. I took a note of the jumpers and managed to loose it.. but they were something like on/off/on/on and on/off/on/off (seems right but on's could be off's).
    Does anyone know what i would need to set them to in order to enable 100mhz FSB?
  2. mbluhm

    mbluhm TS Rookie

    Twinhead A5000 switch settings

    I have a A5000 that had a 650 cpu in it. The switch settings were:
    Left switch off off off on
    Right switch on off off off
    I put a 800 cpu in and the switch settings are the same. It is recognized as a 800 cpu and 100 fsb.
  3. xbronx

    xbronx TS Rookie

    Does anyone know where I can get the instructions on how to change the cpu on a Twinhead a5000? Any recommendations on where I can get a fan? Thank you in advance.
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