cheap but reliable nas?

By mscrx · 6 replies
Sep 27, 2007
  1. hi all, I want to buy a nas as some kind of backup and/or storage device.

    I am really struggeling when it comes to backup and you can never be sure.... its always the same question in my head. what happens if the backup device is broken and do I need a backup of a backup?
    I am addicted to make everything 110% sure :)

    however, it should be between 1 and 2 tb and not too expensive. are there any recommendations for cheap but reliable devices?
    How about a solid state drive? are there bigger ones that are not as expensive as if they were made of gold?

    thanks for your input!
  2. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Whats your budget?
    I use a Buffalo Terastation with 4 x 250Gb sata drives in, cost approx. £900. Good piece of kit though.
  3. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 310

    I was thinking about $ 500 - 1000 maybe
  4. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Oh blimey. Shoestring budget then.
    You could get the empty shell for about $500, but then you need to populate it with hdd storage, so the cost will rise.
    'Synology' seem to be decent.
  5. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 310

    ok I see that. lets say hdd's are not important in the first place.
    I've seen the 'Synology' cubes but I don't even know the company. maybe worth to have a closer look....
    do you have any experiences with solid-state drives?
  6. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    I don't have any experience with SSD's, but you are on a budget and SSD's are still more expensive for less GB's than ram-based storage.
    SSD's are faster, sure, but you will be restricted by the speed of your nic and network cable.
  7. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 310

    you're right from the budget point of view. thanks for your input!
    maybe somebody else would like to make a suggestion? I will try to to compare pros and cons for some devices and think about it....

    regards, mscrx
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