Check disk problem

By Rilla927
Sep 23, 2006
  1. Hi everybody,

    this check disk problem I discovered when I was going to resize my C drive (with the BootIt NG boot disk) so I could install BootIt NG. When it checked for errors right before the resize, it said "Error 57" Please run check disk first to correct any problems.

    So I try to run check disk upon boot and it cancels out right after it starts every time. The HD I need to run check disk on is a pair of Western Digital Raptors in Raid 0. I went to the Western Digital site and d/l the diagnostic tool for the drive. I could see my C drive in the window of this software but it showed a ? where it was not detected to be able to run the test. It picked up my other two drives that I don't need to run the test on.

    Can anyone tell me what would make check disk cancel out right after it starts?

    I thought I was saved by getting the d/l from the site but that fizzled out too. Now I don't know what to do.

    I'm using XP Pro w/SP2.

    Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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