Check It fails on cache test

By JimC
Jun 3, 2007
  1. Have Tyan Tempest i5000XL, 2x Xeon 5355Quads,4GB Corsair Reg PC667FB-DIMM, Evga 8800GTX graphics, Adaptec4800SAS with 2x Seagate cheetah in Raid.
    Running Check it CPU test passed, motherboard test passed except cache test which failed, when running memory test rig locks up. Have run PCMark05, will not do overall score as internet browsing test initialization fails, HDD test [ 9148] and graphics test [ 10959] are good, CPU test [8493] and memory test [ 4354] are low. So is there a connection to the failed cache test? I had overheated the cpu's on build and the rig shut down, could there be a cpu or motherboard issue?
    Thanks for your thoughts
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