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Mar 12, 2006
  1. I am having problems defragging my PC, I have Diskeeper 10 installed and it is telling me that chkdsk needs or has been scheduled to run and defrag won't work untill it has, I have gone to run chkdsk c: /f and then typed Y when it asks if I want to run at next restart, however it doesn't run, I have tried on numerous occassions with the same result, I have ensured that windows is up to date, any ideas?
  2. gbhall

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    run in safe mode

    What is your operating system ?

    If XP, ypu will not be able to run with the /f option until it reboots itself in safe mode. You seem to be saying it will not do this.

    Boot into safe mode yourself and run chkdsk, or run scandisk from administrative tools, computer management, disk management, right-click on the drive concerned, choose properties, select tools panel, click check-now. Stupid aint it?
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    This is what Mr Gates says -

    1.Double-click My Computer, and then right-click the local disk that you want to check.

    2.Click Properties, and then click Tools.

    3.Under Error-checking, click Check Now.

    4.Under Check disk options, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

    5.Click Start.
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    It is XP, I have tried both of these, when I scan disk and attempt recovery, it gets to phase 2 and a box comes up saying it can't complete the task, I have tried re booting into safe mode, I've never done this before but it just looks like its starting up as normal and chkdsk still doesn't run!
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  6. gbhall

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    cant complete the task

    That sounds as if it is NOT in safe mode. In normal mode, no it will not complete if there are corrections to be made. Start safe mode by pressing F8 tapetty-tappety-tap while windows loads - you dont get much time, but if you succeed, you wont be in doubt - it will say so.

    If you ARE sure safe mode is up and it won't complete, you may have (a) a virus (b) a big problem with NTFS (c) an older and incompatible version of diskeeper.

    Suggest first you uninstall diskeeper and try again. You can always re-install if this is not the problem.

    Next down the list comes memory problems, large drives with old bios, disk drive going bad - you need to look at other posts on this site - search for 'chkdsk'
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